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For a sidy-by-side of key provisions of TANF reauthorization bills passed by the Senate Finance committee and the House of Representatives go to:

For an analysis of the Senate Finance Committee's TANF Reauthorization Bill, (Also includes the side-by-side) go to: or

Assessing Welfare Reform: A Guide for the Re-authorization of TANF

A Pastoral Letter on Wealth and Poverty (March 7, 2000)

Senate Colloquy on "Hunger Relief Act"

Bread for the World

Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

Coalition for Human Needs

Document:  Human Development Report (U.N. Development Programme - UNDP)

Women and Children Living in Poverty

Safe Haven for Children

LOGA Action Alerts
& Background Papers

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Strengthening Families Through TANF Reauthorization (Updated January 2004)

TANF Reauthorization Postponed to 2004
Comparing Senate and House Bills

Letter to Congress:  Interreligious Working Group on Domestic Human Needs (July 23, 2003)

Resource:  Hunger and Poverty in America

Letter to Congress:  Child Nutrition Programs
(July 18, 2003)

Hunger and Poverty Quiz
(July 2003 LU)

Nutrition Bills Introduced
(July 2003 LU)

Food Stamp Packet
(July 2003)

Low-Income Bills Move through Congress
(July 2003 LU)

Letter to Congress regarding Head Start programs
(July 2, 2003)

Child and Adult Care Food Program
(Food Policy Working Group)

Child and Adult Care Food Program (stories)

Child and Adult Care Food Program (summary)

Rep. Mike Castle introduces Head Start Reauthorization Bill
(May 2003)

Resource:  Hunger and Poverty in America

Summer Food Service Program
(Food Policy Working Group)

Summer Food Service (May 2003)

Summer Food Service (stories)

Giving Low-Income Children a Head Start (May 2003)

Action on Child Nutrition:


Child and Adult Care Food Program

National School Lunch Program

School Breakfast Program

Special Supplemental Nutrition Program

Summer Food Service Program




TANF Update and Action (October 2002)

 TANF Briefing Presentation for Senate Staff

Summary (July 2002) of Key TANF Provisions...

  • Senate Finance Committee TANF Reauthorization Bill

  • House Passed TANF Reauthorization Bill

Strengthening Families Through TANF Reauthorization

Testimony on TANF before the House Human Resources Subcommittee

Economic Stimulus Package (October 2001)

Faith-Based Legislation (Sept 2001 LU)

Food Stamp Program  (Sept 2001 LU)

Housing Trust Fund Legislation  (Sept 2001 LU)

Minimum Wage  (Sept 2001 LU)

WIC Funding  (Sept 2001 LU)

Family Care Act of 2001  (July 2001 LU)

"Healthy Solutions" Legislation  (July 2001 LU)

Faith-Based and Community Initiative (May 2001 LU)

Health and Anti-Hunger Legislation (May 2001 LU)

Rural Leaders Gathering (May 2001 LU)

Tax Cut Progress (May 2001 LU)

Tax Cuts - Who is Excluded (May 2001 LU)

President Bush's Tax Cut Plan  (March 2001)

Hunger & Poverty in America  (March 2001)

The Faith Community Addresses Poverty  (March 2001)

Tax Cut Proposal  (March 2001)

Human Needs Legislation Introduced  (March 2001 LU)

Welfare Reform Evaluated  (March 2001 LU)

Tax Cut Mania Hits Washington  (March 2001 LU)

 Background Paper:  International Debt (Sept 98)

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