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Action Alert:  updated Monday February 09, 2004

Israeli Separation Wall

The heads of churches in Jerusalem released a statement on August 26, 2003, identifying the "Separation Wall" built by the Israelis as a "grave obstacle" to the implementation of the "Road Map" for Middle East peace.  The Israelis began construction of a "security barrier" in June 2002 intended to stop attacks against Israel.  The wall or fence does not follow the 1967 border or Green Line, however.  The separation wall follows a course inside West Bank territory, up to six kilometers at some points.

According to a report by the Palestinian Environmental NGOs Network (PENGON), "massive destruction has been felt by communities, including the razing of agricultural land, damage to irrigation networks, isolation of water resources, and the demolition of homes and community infrastructure; all of this atop of the prevention of accessing their land, markets, and traveling for employment and to visit family." 
NEW! Read the World Council of Churches Booklet on Israel's Wall of Separation online or order print copy.

Go to the PENGON Website for reports, newsletters, photos, maps, and fact sheets regarding the "Apartheid Wall Campaign."

The United Nations and Relief and Works Agency released a Special Report on the West Bank Security Barrier on July 15, 2003.

The Lutheran Office for Governmental Affairs and other partners in Churches for Middle East Peace, writing in July, 2003, to Dr. Condoleezza Rice, Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs, stated that it would be most helpful if the government of Israel canceled this initiative.  At a minimum, the separation wall needs to adhere to the Green Line and not engulf Palestinian communities, agricultural land or water sources.  According to the letter from U.S. churches, the separation wall clearly undermines a credible two-state solution.

ACTION NEEDED:  Ask your Senators and Representatives to encourage President Bush to strengthen his efforts to get Israel to stop building the "Separation Wall" on West Bank land, even if this requires financial pressure.  The Capitol switchboard will connect you:  Senate 202-224-3121; House 202-225-3121.  Another appropriate action is to call the White House comment line (202-456-1111) and encourage them to continue implementing the Road Map for peace by taking necessary steps (including reducing financial aid) to stop Israel from building this barrier on Palestinian land. 

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